River Cottage

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a food writer and presenter who I’ve come across as a contributor on the Guardian website. He has long been a campaigner for real food and is known for his commitment to seasonally, ethically produced edibles. He’s also known as a notorious carnivore which is what made me stop and order up his latest “River Cottage Veg Everyday!” out of pure curiousity. In his introduction he explains that he’s not trying to convert us all to vegetarianism but to encourage us to eat more veg and less meat, better for us and better for the planet. The book itself is beautifully illustrated with the recipes organized into categories such as Comfort food & feasts, Bready things or Mezze & tapas. I’ve made about seven recipes to date and they all were tasty, easy to make and didn’t require a lot of special ingredients. The stand outs so far were the kale and mushroom lasagne (pictured below), vegetable biryani and mushroom risoniotto.

For a few years I’ve contemplated going vegetarian but knew that life without sausages, roasts or bacon wouldn’t happen for me. What I can do is try eating meat just once or twice a week and with this new batch of recipes I’ll have lots of options to add to the mix. I’d also like to make an effort to buy only organic and ethically produced meats. This will definately be a more expensive option but by eating less meat there should be more in the grocery kitty to cover that extra cost.